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GA Periodontics
Dr. Guy Aboodi Portrait

Enhance your gum health and quality of life through personalized periodontal care

Dr. Guy Aboodi

How to reach us:

Call Christine at (905) 276-1222
Send an email to

Where to find us:

77 Queensway West, Unit 300
Mississauga, ON
L5B 1B7
Free parking available

Our Services

Our services include all aspects of periodontal therapy, including non-surgical, soft-tissue laser, and surgical procedures.

Periodontal disease treatment
Extractions & Bone grafting
Dental Implants
Soft tissue grafting
Crown lengthening
Perio-Ortho procedures

Referring Dentists

I believe in a comprehensive treatment approach and will provide excellent periodontal care for your patients. Our joint patients will benefit from our team efforts.

Dr. Guy Aboodi Dr. Guy Aboodi

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Refer a Patient

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